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SWCSOLUTION eliminates carbon deposits inside the engine. It cleans the piston rings, allowing them to operate more smoothly. It also evens the compression pressures of each cylinder, and prevents not only lifter and tappet noises but also various other unwanted engine noises that normally result from a lack of oil circulation.   

SWC SOLUTION also removes the carbon that formed in the throttle body, spark plugs, intake and exhaust valves, the EGR valve, the catalytic converter, and muffler. You will soon see your dirty black muffler transformed into a clean muffler with a reddish shade. The reddish color of the muffler comes from the slight rust on the surface, which is formed in the process of large amounts of water being exhausted through the muffler. The water indicates that the combustion process inside the cylinder has become stable and the rings are operating effectively and the compression pressure has risen to normal.    

Meanwhile, the moisture formed as a result of condensation inside the engine can have a detrimental effect on the metal surface and cause component failure. The process of wear will continue and eventually cause discernable engine noise. The only way to solve this problem is to have the oil penetrate every surface inside the engine. Remember, oil and water repel each other. SWC SOLUTION is designed to penetrate into and to remove water on all metallic surface inside the engine, so that abnormal engine wear is completely prevented.    


SWCSOLUTION reduces engine wear and friction by providing a very thin film of lubricant to all metallic parts inside the engine and provides a quieter running the engine and completes the fuel burn, so that increases the engine's power

Once you have made your engine deliver plenty of power and operate smoothly using the SWCSOLUTION, now is the time to SWC ENGINE TREATMENT to maintain that excellent condition for a long time.   


SWC ENGINE TREATMENT restores your engine to its original condition. It will produce almost zero wear on metal surfaces and penetrate all surfaces inside the engine to form a protective film which will remain even after an oil change.  SWC ENGINE TREATMENT extends the life of your engine oil and provides for the smooth operation of your engine, by reducing the friction coefficient to a mere 0.004μ(mu). Your engine will be able to endure temperatures of up to 320℃ without any internal component adhesion and operate normally in environments as cold as -54℃ and provide a smooth start up of your engine.


SWC ENGINE TREATMENT provides a quieter running engine, so that Noise and vibration will be reduced as all the components work properly.  SWC ENGINE TREATMENT improves start up and climbing ability and It extends the service life of your oil and of various engine components by up to two of three times.   


Drivers who have tried SWC ENGINE TREATMENT in their vehicles claim that their engines produce more power, consume less fuel, and create visibly reduced levels of exhaust gases. Some car service centers use these products (SWC SOLUTION and ENGINE TREATMENT) as a final means to get their vehicle past emission inspections 

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