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Everyday we are asked, "is it true cars in Korea are junked after 50,000 Km?". This is a urban myth. The Korean government does NOT come and take cars off the road at 50,000km or any other pre-defined mileage. However, there are real reasons why there are very good, reliable automobile engines and transmissions available from Korea.

First, they put very low Kms on their cars per year. So, a 7 year old car in Korea might have 5~60,000 Km on the engine compared to 2~300,000 or much above than South Africa.

Second, the Korea Car Inspection program is a tough bi-annual inspection that every car is subject to. Over 50 systems and components are inspected. The primary reason for failure is body rust. The weather in Korea is that summer is very hot with rainy season, temps over 35’c and winter weather is very cold (below -10) and wet. Cars can rust out in 4-5 years.

This combination of light driving loads, rough weather and tough inspection programs has provided us with great access to very good motors and transmissions from Korean automobiles. We will
NEVER quote you km on a motor we offer to you. In fact, unless someone has the entire vehicle with the odometer they cannot really provide you with the exact Km.

Our focus is on ensuring you that the condition of our engines is excellent no matter what the km is. Cleaning, inspection and one-of-a-kind testing is our way of ensuring such quality.


Our prices are just as competitive as the nearest rival but it is our after sales service and accurate information that separates us from the others. Thanks to our business ethics, honesty, ENGINELAND has earned the trust and admiration of not only our customers but that of our fellow trader rivals nationwide.

In our ongoing efforts to provide the customer with superior service and quality goods we have become one of the foremost suppliers of previously owned vehicle parts.



Tips when driving

1. Avoid rushing up to a robot and pulling off too quickly, and maintain a constant speed as far as possible – up to 5% of energy is saved this way


2. If you own more than one vehicle, drive the one that’s most fuel efficient whenever possible


3. Stick to the speed limits – 5- 10% fuel can be saved . On highways its best to travel 100 to 110 km/h . As much as 33% of fuel can be saved driving at these speeds


4. If possible, take advantage of car lift clubs for schools and work, and ride-share programmes – this cuts fuel costs in half and saves on vehicle wear and tear


5. Stagger work hours to avoid peak rush hours – spend less time in traffic and consume less fuel


6. Ensure that your vehicle is well maintained at all times. Regularly check your vehicle’s fuel consumption. An increase in fuel consumption could mean that maintenance is required


7. Check that there are no holes in the exhaust pipe. Fuel consumption can increase by up to 20% if the exhaust pipe is not well maintained


8. When you buy a car, enquire about the fuel consumption of the vehicle as it could save a lot on your petrol bill. Diesel vehicles are generally more fuel-efficient than petrol vehicles. Smaller engine sizes are more efficient than bigger ones, and fuel injection is better than carburetted vehicles.


9. When driving on the highway, use the air-conditioner and close the windows. When driving in traffic or in the city, open the windows and switch off the air-conditioner.



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We, ENGINELAND, as South Africa Branch of KOREAN CAR PARTS IN KOREA, opened warehouse in JHB to supply South Africa market directly.


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